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Head Lice

Head lice back again?

There's no need to panic because NYDA's double action formula is effective against all stages of head lice after only one treatment. 

NYDA and NYDA Plus uses a 92% Dimethicone dual formula to take double action against all stages of head lice. It is a unique treatment supported by in vitro (lab) and clinical tests to eradicate adult head louse, nymphs and eggs. Head lice treated with NYDA® in an in-vitro study were knocked out in just a few minutes. 

Simply sit, spray on, wait 10 minutes, comb to remove lice and eggs, wash hair with normal shampoo and say goodbye to your head lice problems!

*Family dose is estimated as one application for 3-4 people. This may vary depending on length and thickness of hair

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